Introducing Evoke’s New Estate Manager

We’re thrilled to introduce Madden Boykett as our new estate manager at Evoke South Morang! With a passion for real estate and a dedication to helping people find their dream homes, Madden brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to our team.

What Madden Loves About Selling Property

Madden’s answer reflects his genuine commitment to his clients when asked what he loves about selling property. “I love meeting all sorts of people and being able to help them on their journey to purchasing a new home,” he shares. “Whether that be a block of land or a townhome, I find it very exciting to see people’s dreams come true.”

Madden’s Experience with Oliver Hume

For two years, Madden has been an invaluable member of the Oliver Hume family. While working with one of Australia’s leading real estate services groups, he has worked on various projects, including a land lease community, four greenfield projects, and built-form projects. His diverse experience and deep understanding of the industry make him a trusted advisor for buyers navigating the real estate market.

Tips for Buyers

For those looking to purchase a new home, Madden offers a straightforward piece of advice: “Get into the market as soon as possible! The best time to purchase is today.” His proactive approach and market insight empower buyers to seize opportunities and make informed decisions about their investments.

Madden’s Hobbies: Beyond Work

Outside of work, Madden enjoys spending time on the Murray River in Bundalong and cherishing moments with his family and friends. His dedication to work-life balance ensures that he brings a refreshed perspective and boundless energy to his role as estate manager.

Madden’s knowledge and enthusiasm for real estate make him an invaluable partner for anyone searching for their dream townhome. Get in touch today on 9684 8197 or visit Evoke’s website at