Construction Update: Mid-Year Progress Review Featuring Stages 4 to 6.

Despite approaching the shortest day of the year, the winter weather hasn’t hindered progress
on site. The Level 10 team have been hard at work delivering stages four through six which
alongside the completed stages, will encompass 90% of the entire project upon completion.

In stages 4 and 6, the installation of external claddings is nearing completion across lots 60 to 71.
Plasterwork has been finished in lots 60 to 64, which consist of 3-storey townhomes. This week,
plastering will also commence in lots 70 and 71, followed by lots 65 to 69 next week. Concurrently,
joinery installation has already begun, and internal waterproofing operations are underway. The next
phase will involve fixing carpentry to further progress the construction.

Moving on to lots 72 to 83 in stage 4, external cladding installation is currently in progress. Plastering has
started in lots 80 to 83, with plans to plaster lots 72 to 79 in the near future. These units are currently
focusing on pre-plaster quality assurance and completing the cladding installations.

Meanwhile, in lots 38 to 41 of stage 4, significant milestones have been achieved, including the completion
of roofing and brickwork, as well as the installation of stairs and rough-in of services. The upcoming task
involves installing ground floor AAC panels to advance the construction phase.

Looking ahead to lots 84 to 92 in stage 5, known as the Premium Parkview Release set for sale in July
and ready for occupancy by early 2025, frames are now complete, and windows have been installed.
Roofing activities are currently underway, with plumbing rough-in and subsequent brickwork slated
as the next steps in the construction schedule.

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